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{{#ifexist: Template:PD Help Page/Help/En pagename|Vorlage:PD Help Page/Help/En pagename|

PD {{{text}}}|Important note: When you edit this page, you agree to release your contribution into the public domain. If you don't want this or can't do this because of license restrictions, please don't edit. This page is one of the {{ #ifeq:
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}} for instructions.}}


This template is to be transcluded in public domain help pages.


  • title: Help:Deleting a page --> Deleting a page
  • title: Help:Deleting a page/th --> Deleting a page
  • title: Help:Deleting a page/subpage --> Deleting a page/subpage
  • title: Help:Deleting a page/subpage/th --> Deleting a page/subpage